Can you pop popcorn with a cell phone? A popular YouTube video Appears to show a group of people Popping popcorn by pointing their cellphones (very old cellphones) at a few kernels of corn, When the phones ring, the kernels start popping.

In the video, the three phones are all aimed at a few kernels of popcorn arranged in the middle of a table, When the cell phone numbers are dialed, the phones ring, and the corn pops instantly. How they melted the butter to put on the corn is not revealed.

But if your cell phone emits enough electromagnetic energy to pop popcorn, your brain would turn to mush faster than a commuter playing Candy Crush Saga.

So what’s the trick? It turns out the video was a viral marketing campaign for a Bluetooth headset manufacturer. They just edited the video by dropping popcorn on the table and digitally removing the kernels.




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