The Last Masquerade Urban LegendA married couple is invited to a Halloween party, so they rent matching Louis XVI costumes. On All Hallows eve, the wife falls ill, but she insists her husband go to the party without her. Disappointed, the husband agrees and goes on to the party alone while his wife stays in bed and rests.

A few hours after her husband’s departure the begins feeling much better. So much better, in fact, that she decides to attend the party after all. Since her husband hasn’t seen her costume, she decides this is a good opportunity to surprise him…and maybe even do a little spying on him in the process.

When the wife arrives at the party, she spots her husband, in costume, cavorting and flirting with several different women. The wife approaches her husband and begins openly flirting with him, without saying a word aloud. After a few dances, she leads her husband outside into the bushes, where they make love without removing their costumes.

Afterwards, the wife rushes home, furios that her husband would have sex with a stranger. She umps into bed, and awaits her husband’s arrival and her revenge. When he comes home, she asks how his evening went.

“It was OK,” he replies.

“Just OK? Did I miss anything?’ she asks, innocently.

“No, it was actually kind of boring.”

“Boring?!” the wife asks, growing angry.

“Well, honey, I got to the party and felt bad that you weren’t there. I met this guy who didn’t have a costume, so I lent mine to him, and I spent the rest of the night playing poker with Fred and the guys in the kitchen. I lost fifty bucks, but the guy I gave the costume to said he had a really great time.”

The marriage was never the same again.  Now every year on Halloween the wife insists they stay home, in bed, together.



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