paddy-jonesIf you haven’t seen the  clip of the 75 year old grandmother of seven Paddy Jones salsa dancing, then watch this lady now as she has moves that would wipe the floor with the contestants on Dancing With The Stars. The story on the web is that Paddy is 92 and that this is her grandson, but she is 75 and this is her dance instructor. The rest is all true.


Dancing gran’s salsa career continues to sizzle–Stourbridge News

Sarah Jones, better known as Paddy, who now lives near Valencia in Spain, took up salsa dancing around five years ago after her husband David passed away.

And now instead of pottering about in her senior years – the sprightly 75-year-old, who used to run Paddy’s Fabrics in Stourbridge, is shimmying around dancefloors across the world in an unlikely dance partnership with her Spanish salsa instructor Nicko – who is more than 40 years her junior.


The pair have made quite a name for themselves – recently making it to the number two slot on a Spanish TV talent search similar to the X Factor.

They also wowed old time film and TV stars in LA when they graced the stage at an international salsa congress at retirement complex Laguna Woods Village in The Old Pros’ Stars of Dance event.





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