Fight night at the US Open as fans argue, curse, and brawl

US Open Fight Video

There was supposed to be a tennis match in Flushing last night but a hockey game broke out instead.  A few fans in upper deck Section 187 decided that watching Novak Djokovic demolish Philipp Petzschner in straight sets just wasn’t as interesting as fighting with each other and redefining the term “nosebleed section.”

In the video a younger man with a big mouth is seen arguing with an older woman and a man who looks like a grandfather over his use of F-bombs and potty-moutedh language. The argument escalates and grandpa doesnt like what hes hearing, he lunges at the younger man and gets pushed over two rows of seats.  Security is nowhere to be found as other fans pull apart the bawling tennis connoisseurs.

Anyone who has been to the US Open in recent years knows that this is about average behavior, for both fans and players, as proven by the profanity-laced tirade of Serena Williams at a line judge last year for her foot fault that cost her the match, matched only by Andy Roddick’s tirade over his foot fault this year.

Thank you US Open for turning a boring tennis match into an exciting boxing match.





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