kids in underwear: with this im going to control your life

via Thaindian News:

An increasing number of women are going under the knife for hymen reconstruction surgeries to keep intact the notion of the blushing, untouched spouse for their husbands-to-be.

“I didn’t care about it but I come from a conservative family. I couldn’t tell my parents that I am not a virgin. My parents have arranged my marriage. So I chose to get this surgery done,” a 25-year-old, who has recently got the surgery done, told IANS.

The rising trend of hymen reconstruction comes even as discussions and debates continue about women’s empowerment.

Hymen repair or re-virgination refers to a cosmetic surgery that restores the hymen. Hymenoplasty is a simple procedure that repairs a torn hymen.

“There has been an increase of 20-30 percent in these surgeries every year. The majority of women who come for this surgery are in the age group 20 and 30,” Dhir told IANS.

However, while premarital sex is one of the reasons for rupture of the hymen, it is not the only reason.

“The reason cited by many women who come for hymenoplasty surgery is premarital sex. However, sex is not the only reason why the hymen can break. Sports activities, rigorous physical exercise and dance can also result in the tear,” said Biraj Nathani.

The surgery in itself takes about an hour and there are no side effects, said doctors.




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