Silly BandsHave you heard about Silly Bandz. those animal shaped rubber bands that are driving kids crazy?  A man form Ohio decided to buy his niece Briana a collection of Silly Bandz for her birthday, so he searched for Silly Bandz on Google Shops and made the purchase, just in time for her birthday.

While there, he decided to surf into one of the the”adult only” areas and found some adult adult toys that he thought were interesting. He found the “Briana 3 Hole Blow-Up Doll” which had been modeled after a famous porn star, who coincidentally had the same name as his niece.  He immediately place another order.

The birthday arrived and so did the presents.  The family gathered in their living room, little 6 year old Briana opened her first present and unwrapped her gift from her favorite uncle, knowing he always sent her the best gift … only to find inside the life-size blow-up doll with these words printed on the box:

“Bring home the pleasure of one of adult’s most beautiful stars, Briana! With 3 holes, and Briana’s face printed on the doll, this is the closest you can get to being with Briana herself.”

The gift card read. “Briana. Thinking of you, Hope you enjoy this for many hours. Happy Birthday. Love, Uncle Jason.”



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