George W. Bush Decision PointsRuss Baker Family Of SecretsFormer President George W. Bush has a new book out about his life. The question is, how much of it is true?

Author Russ Baker’s new book  “Family of Secrets” examines the life story of George W. Bush, and the real story of how he became president.

According to Russ Baker, Bush’s life story was fabricated to cover up his drinking, drug use and an abortion that would have prevented him from ever becoming president.

Myth: The story of how George Bush got religion and became born again was fabricated, including the phony story of a walk on a beach with Rev Billy Graham.

Truth: Bush presented himself as a fundamentalist as a calculated political strategy in order to capture the white House.

Myth: George Bush decided to invade Iraq after the attack on 9/11.

Truth: Bush was talking about his desire to invade Iraq two full  years before his election

Myth: The response to Katrina was a disaster

Truth: Michael Browns appointment at FEMA was a calculated move to destroy government agencies and outsource US Government functions to their financial backers and political friends.

Russ Baker began the investigation leading to FAMILY OF SECRETS with a narrow forensic approach. He studied the carefully constructed public persona of George W. Bush.

Almost every popular belief about the man turned out to be based on carefully contrived falsehoods. One of the people orchestrating all this was, no surprise, Karl Rove.

But an even bigger factor behind the systematic deception, Baker found, was none other than W’s father George H.W. Bush (”Bush41″ or “Poppy.”) He appeared to be both protecting his son’s political future and hiding something larger and more troubling.

This bond of secrecy contradicted the popular impression of a generational struggle between the Georges. The discovery led Baker to the insight that the duo were actually far closer personally than the public had been led to believe- cooperators and confidantes, comrades in arms, really, in some kind of cause that was yet to fully emerge.

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