Seems like Facebook founder Mark Zukerbergs own sister doesn’t understand how friends of your friends can see your updates on their own timeline, and by is she pissed off.  When she posted a pic of her reaction to a new facebook app, someone with whom she had a mutual friend saw it on her timeline, and that person re-posted it to Twtter, where it went viral.  Poor Randi thought at first the person had violated her privacy, which in the world of facebook really does not exist since anyone can re-post anything they see, and since facebook privacy controls are a big fat joke designed to regurgitate as much of your “private” content as possible so they can sell more ads. Heres the offending pic:


Note that Mark Zuckerberg in the background really does wear a hoodie all the time. And sister Randi might want to talk to him about the joke also known as the Facebook Privacy Policy. Read it,  then go hire a computer expert to set up your facebook controls, or forget about privacy, that died right afer Elvis.

via Gizmodo:

Randi Zuckerberg shared the above photo of her family—including Facebook Czar-in-Chief Mark Zuckerberg—on Facebook. Then it got out into the world, and Randi got all upset about her privacy. Oh, boo hoo, Randi!

The story goes like this: Randi Zukcerberg posted the photo of her family fooling around with Facebook’s new Snapchat clone, Poke. When the photo popped up on her newsfeed, Vox Media’s Callie Schweitzer thought it was a public Facebook post. Schweitzer subscribes to Zuckerberg’s feed and she and Zuckerberg aren’t Facebook friends. So Schweitzer posted the adorable picture to Twitter without thinking too hard about it.

Then Randi cried foul that her privacy had been violated. Turns out Schweitzer is friends with yet another Zuckerberg who appears in that photo, and that’s why it popped up in her feed. Schweitzer immediately apologized and deleted the original tweet.




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