Obama StarbucksWe’ve heard the old saying “Once you try black you’ll never go back” but Starbucks has taken it to a whole new level.

Reader Emily B. writes:

On a recent visit to Starbucks the customer in front of us and ordered “A Black Guy.”

Without blinking the barrista asked, “What size?”

“Grande,” said the customer.

“One grande Black Guy” replied the barista, who then handed over a very dark cup of grande coffee.

So I decided to try the same thing.

“I’d like a Black Guy too.”

What size? asked the barista.

Deciding to have some fun, I replied “The bigger the better.”

“One Venti Black Guy” replied the barista, who then gave me the biggest, blackest cup of coffee I have ever seen.

I think if Starbucks is going to name a coffee a “Black Guy” they out to have one for each ethnic group, just to make things fair.  I know we have a black president, I voted for him too, but this is taking things a bit too far.

Dear Emily: I agree. Here’s an idea: Maybe Starbucks should just call it a “Tiger Woods” since he seems to cover so many different races?




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