We know from personal experience that most Asians do not believe in wasting food and therefore will eat just about anything. Our Urban Myths question of the day comes from Dan in Queens, NY.  Dan asks:

” I saw a few pictures of Asians eating a black man.  We have plenty of Asians here in Flushing Queens and I see that Chinese people like eating just about anything including snakes, lizards, jelly fish and even dogs.. My question is, do Asians really like to eat black people?”

Below are a few of the pictures Dan is talking about.  These are probably safe for work, but not for your stomach or state of mind. Careful, these are not easy pictures to stomach, pun intended:

At first is does appear that these Thais are indeed eating a black man, and seem to be quite happy about it.  MMM. Tastes like chicken, pass the gravy!  However it appears that what is really happening is a medical autopsy of some kind. On closer examination it appears the dead man is discolored due to his unfortunate condition and is likely also Asian.

So what are they eating on those plates?  Why so happy?  Probably some nice spicy Pad Thai with rice.

Here are the rest of the images, if you have the stomach..

The funny thing is the stories of Asians eating people do not ent there. Another story goes like this:

In a show of power, a Chinese man stabs a white male on a bus 50 times. The bus had over 30 passengers but it was filled with cowards as no one helped the slain victim. As a show of power the Chinese man held up the head of the white victim and roared at the crowd. To power up he recharged by gobbling up the intestines

. As he devoured the victim like a Tiger finishing off his prey, the crowd’s jaw dropped in astonishment.

Barracaded by several members of the crowd, the assassin was locked in the bus as police arrived to take him in as a prisoner.   The assassin stood strong but the forces of the police was too powerful for him to overcome. So off he goes to jail. No word has been spoken from the assassin. To be continued.


Truth or myth?  Either way it’s enough to make you a vegetarian.




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