Whale Breaches, Hits Sailboat

The Killer Whale that hit the sailboat video was originally thought to be a hoax, but it actually happened. These pictures and  video is proof that a southern right whale did, indeed, jump out of the water on Sunday and crash onto the sailboat of a couple sailing off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. And just look at the damage done:

Whale breach wrecks sailboat yacht

Here’s the video from CBS News that’s gone viral:


This type of incident is actually quite common. The behaviour is called “breaching.” and whales do this instinctively, perhaps just for fun or maybe to get away from an another annoying whale.

Here’s a video of a whale that breached and jumped on a very unlucky kayaker . The man lived, but there’s no word on what happened to the whale.

Below is a video of a shark that jumped onto a sailboat in South Africa in 2008. As they said in the movie Jaws, ‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”




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