The Best Wedding Day Revenge. Ever.

worst best man ever, wedding revenge

A couple from New Jersey was getting married and decided to have a big, traditional wedding with hundreds of guests. As the wedding day approached, the groom became suspicious that his bride-to-be was having an affair. He hired a detective to follow her, and just before the wedding day, he had his proof–photographs of her caught in the act. Furious, the groom decided to go ahead with the wedding anyway.

The couple was married before hundreds of friends and family members. At the reception, the groom stood up to make an announcement. As a gift to his guests, he had placed an envelope underneath everybody’s chairs, which he instructed to crowd to retrieve and open.

The crowd opened their envelopes eagerly, hoping for an Oprah-like surprise gift, but  were shocked by what they saw inside: pictures of the bride having sex with the best man. The groom stormed out of the wedding and annulled the marriage the following day.

The Facts

The story is oh so very dramatic, and it usually happens in place where big hair and big weddings go hand-in-hand Jersey, Florida, Texas). We’ve talked to lots of people who swear they are sure this one happened, but so far no hard facts. Can anyone out there help on this one?




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