A man on a business trip to Dallas is sitting in a bar and is approached by a very handsome looking woman. He buys her a drink and they start to get to know each other. The woman invites him back to her apartment, and he willingly accepts.

After about an hour of making out, she leads him to her bedroom. The bed is fitted with straps on the bed posts, and she proceeds to tie him down. She puts a mask on him and says “OK, sweetie, you’ll be Robin, and I’ll be right back.”

With nothing on but his socks and a black mask, she excuses herself to the bathroom to slip into something more comfortable.

After listening to loud clunking sounds in the bathroom for about a half hour, the man gets restless and a little nervous; he hears the woman in the bathroom and yells to her. “I’m coming out,” she says, ” Are you ready?”

The door to the bathroom opens, and standing there is a 6’1″ man dressed as the caped crusader. “Surprise, I’m Batman!” the cross-dresser exclaims in a deep, husky voice, and proceeds to run around the room, waving his cape in a wild bat-dance.

The man starts to panic, pulls on his straps to get free and yells for help. Batman climbs up onto a dresser and prepares to leap onto the bed. The businessman screams and closes his eyes, and the next thing he hears is a loud thud.

In his attempt to leap onto the bed, the caped crusader hits his head on the bedpost and passes out unconscious on the floor, blood dripping from his wound.

The tied-up man screams for help. The neighbors, hearing the screams next door, have called the police, who arrive shortly and knock down the door. The police enter the room and crack up uon finding a naked man strapped to the bed screaming, and a large man in a black cape and a mask passed out on the floor.

The Facts

While there is no evidence to prove it, we’d really like to believe this one is true.




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