• Tiger Woods Jokes
  • Once again the media was bamboozled by Tiger Woods into not asking some of the most basic questions at he big press conference of the day.  Tiger Woods owned the press and made them act like one of like many submissive mistresses. Here are just some of the questions they should have asked Tiger Woods:
  • #1:  Tiger, what the hell were you thinking?
  • #2: Is your kindergarten teacher lying when she says the racial incident in which you claim sixth graders tied you to a tree, spray-painted the N word on you and threw rocks at you never happened, or are you?
  • #3: If you have been lying to us about who you really are for so many years, why should we believe anything you tell us now?
    #4 If you won’t discuss what you are in rehab for (sex addiction, drugs, narcissistic tendencies) then how will we know when you are cured?
  • #5 When did you find out the Canadian doctor who is unlicensed to practice  in Florida that you hired for blood spinning treatment was being investigated for HGH smuggling and other illegal blood doping activities, and why do you still think it was a good idea to use him instead of a US licensed physician?
  • #6 Do you still have Rachel Uchitel’s phone number, and can we have it? because we are very jealous of the life you have been able to live that we can only dream of.
  • #7 When you make a putt and everyone yells “In the hole!” will that throw off your concentration?




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