I have am not sorry or embarrassed to say that I have dated several types of Asian men.   I am admitting that in my past I have been on a quest to find my Asian prince charming and kissed .. and um .. other things .. a lot of frogs along the way.    I have experienced some of the stereotypical Asian men and I am sorry to say I had to count a few tiles on the ceiling to wait for it to be over.  But I have also experienced some amazing lovers.    I can recall a young Japanese man  that left me pleasantly satisfied and had me following him around for months.  I also have had a Vietnamese man who was quite apt in making sure I was completely satisfied before he himself was. I kept him around for over a year.  My husband has good days and bad days like most people.  But usually tries to make sure I am satisfied and even asks me afterwards just in case he needs to prepare for another round.  For the most part it depends on the man.

Some Asian men really want to prove that they are not the stereotypical small penis Asian man who all the westerns talk about and they will go the extra mile to make sure the woman is happy.  But as my friend states in her blog most Asian Cultures are not open about sex they see it as just what they need to do the reproduce or what they do in secret.

Nowadays, the younger Chinese men are finding out that there is more to it.   Yellow movies, or porn movies are sneaking into China and sex stores are being open in dark corners under secret, so more and more men and women are finding out the joys they can have.  Although, pink houses or prostitution has been around China for decades it was something that bad women did and men paid for not something you would do with a “good girl” or your wife.   Times are changing, trust me I know.  When I first came to China (before my husband), I did not have any trouble with Chinese men wanting to do their best to please me.  I even had to tell a few that my legs do not do what you saw in that movie… slow it down mister.

The age old question: Are Chinese men good in bed?   I would say some Yes and some No.   But like any man of any nationality…there are good ones and bad ones.  However, I have found that the more you love someone the better the sex really can be, because when you have sex you include your heart.

Please enjoy the article below and visit her website.  Although, she is not a black woman but she is American and married to a Chinese man and has a lot of information for those of you interested in dating Asian.