Do You Wish at 11:11? Do Your Wishes Come True?

wish-at-1111Many people believe wishing at 11:11 helps make their wishes come true.

But does wishing at 11:11 help?

Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than chance or coincidence. This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. Other authors believe it is an auspicious sign, and others that it signals a spirit presence. The belief that it has mystical powers has been adopted by believers in New Age philosophies.

So is there something special about 11:11?  Many people automatically look at a clock or see this number Uri Geller noticed this phenomenon and explains:

11:11 explained by URI GELLER

If your attention has been drawn to clocks and watches at exactly 11:11, then read the following:

I started experiencing this rather bizarre occurrence when I was forty years old, at first I thought they were coincidences, I would stand with my back to a digital clock and something made me turn around and I would notice that the time would be 11:11. These incidents intensified I would be checked into hotel rooms on floor 11 room 1111. I started noticing these digits on computers, microwave ovens, cars, documents, etc. I decided to write about it on my website. I was immediately inundated by hundreds of emails from all around the world. Individuals were telling me their own 11:11 stories, almost always saying “I thought it only happened to me”. It is difficult for me to decipher what this is all about but my intuition tells me its positive.

When I see the number 1111: I pray for sick children and world peace, the prayer takes a moment but it's very powerful. Please if you can do the same I believe it helps!!!!

I believe that people who have constant contact with the 1111 phenomena have some type of a positive mission to accomplish. It is still a mystery to me what it is that we all have to do or why are we all being gathered and connected together, but it is very real and tangible, I feel that it is immensely positive, almost like there is a thinking entity sending us these physical and visual signs from the universe. In me, it activates the power of prayer, love and determination to some how help the world. Some day I suspect we will find out the true meaning behind this puzzling phenomenon. It could start happening to you too after reading my website.

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0 #75 natasha 2014-03-16 08:23
I wish that my sister and I have a baby brother named Liam that is 7 months old
0 #74 catherine 2014-02-22 02:13
I wish for love pace and happiness in my life so I can share it freely.
0 #73 Derrick Moreland 2014-01-11 10:35
I wish Bugs Bunny from Looney tunes back in action is alive in my room
0 #72 Xena 2013-11-26 23:50
I wish.......I just wish.......
0 #71 nevaeh grimes 2013-11-24 19:25
I wish I was skinny 22 Justin bieber girlfriend and live with Justin bieber and a singer
0 #70 Serena 2013-11-11 22:33
I'm going to with for all the sick, homeless, and needy children to be healed and regained.
0 #69 Jennifer Echo 2013-11-10 23:47
I started noticing 11:11 in January of this year. I notice it daily without trying. With tomorrow being November 11th, I hope that this is a day that brings clarity in my life. I wish to find love.
0 #68 Charles Bryan 2013-11-04 21:25
I believe there is something to numerology, On a certain level we, and everything we experience, are all energy and maybe something does happen at a certain time of day such as 11:11.

make a wish:
0 #67 Johnny wells 2013-10-30 23:44
believe in the power of 8 visit and make a wish become a reality. its a cool site.
0 #66 Johnny wells 2013-10-30 23:40
checkout a true site called http// and believe in the power of number 8.

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